Belgorod Dnestrovsky
"Strong house"

We congratulate you on your excellent choice of venue for the holiday of days or a weekend! Wonderful scenic location on the Black Sea coast and a good service Guest House "Strong house" - a pledge of an unforgettable holiday! After all, it is no secret that in Soviet times people rushed not only to the south during the summer months, but in the heart of South Palmyra - to the famous beaches of Arcadia, where did the happy guests of Odessa appeared solar photographs on the tables and in albums. Even today, the flow of tourists to this place no matter how much has not decreased, but on the contrary Arcadia each season receives more and more tourists, since the glorious beach overgrown come true and legends.

Hotel "San Marino"

Hotel "San Marino" is located on the Black Sea coast in the resort village of Marine, that very close to the resort Koblevo. It is located on the border of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. Sprawling green park in the coastal hills right at the edge of a sandy beach - is not this what you've been looking for?

There inspiring combination of sea and steppe climate, restore your energy, give a wonderful vacation and relieve stress.

This hotel offers you two buildings for accommodation. The hotel area stretches 3.5 hectares. The hotel area is well maintained and perfectly friendly environment. It is a private sandy beach is 100 meters slowness.

Green Holl

Hotel "Green Hall" located favorably and conveniently at the entrance of the city of Izmail from Odessa. Here guests and leisure travelers offering comfortable accommodation, European service and reasonable prices.

Old Town

"Old Town" right in the historic center of the spa town of Izmail Hotel is located. Here guests and leisure travelers offering comfortable accommodation and convenient accommodation in rooms of various categories.



Міні-готель з романтичною назвою «Сицилія» розташувалася в центрі міста Іллічівськ, що в Одеській області. До пляжів і морського узбережжя всього п'ятнадцять хвилин ходьби від будівлі готелю. Інфраструктура навколо готелю дуже розвинена, тому тут дуже легко знайти аптеки, магазини, ринок, банкомати та інші потрібні заклади. Поруч також розташовані безліч ресторанів, барів, клубів і кафе. Нічне життя тут кипить у всю, так що вийшовши в місто після заходу сонця, можна зустріти безліч джерел святкової музики і різноманітних веселих.

Hotel "Seaside"

Near the ancient city of Odesa region Belgorod-Dniester is a resort village. Now it is actively developing resort complex, which is full of everything you need for your summer vacation: here you and the hotels and resorts, shopping, clubs and many other things.

Recreation center "Birch"

A cozy and comfortable recreation center is located in the popular Ukrainian resort Zatoka - Solar on the Black Sea. You will be greeted welcome home and take care of your peaceful and unforgettable holiday. Be sure that the attention will be surrounded by every guest, and quality service and individual attention guaranteed. You can sel ect the appropriate number for your family - fr om simple options to rooms with special amenities. 

The recreation center "Volna"

Holiday Village "Wave" is located on the Black Sea coast, between the towns of Spa and Nikolaevka, Belgorod-Dniester district of Odessa region.

Here guests are accommodated in comfortable rooms in the shield of wooden houses and stone building. Non enhanced comfort to two, three and four people. Separate sanitary unit equipped with washbasins, showers and toilets, hot and cold water is fed around the clock.

Clean and wide beach is only a hundred meters from the buildings of recreation, it leads to a gentle descent.

Coral Reef

The "Coral Reef" recreation center invites tourists from Odessa region and all other countries! It is located in the resort town Sergeevka that in the Odessa region. Sergeevka resort town is a great corner on the banks of the Shabolotskiy estuary, which is separated from the Black Sea by a narrow strip of golden sand.

The "Danube" Recreation Center

The Ismail resort town , in the Odessa region is famous by the wide and rich river Danube. We want to offer you to relax and spend their vacation days here.

"Mayak" recreation center

In recent years, resort areas of Odessa region and around the Black Sea region is actively developing. Today we want to introduce you the Kurortnoe village, which invites tourists, visitors and vacationers to the wonderful recreation center "Mayak" that is far from large industrial zones and highways.

"Plai" Recreation center

Recreation center "Plai" is located in a picturesque part of the developing Rasseyka resort, near the city of Tatarbunary that in the Odessa region. It is noteworthy that the recreation is bordered by a beautiful lake. Distance from the sea is 450 meters, and the road to it is through the bridge over the lake.

Accommodation in the Black Sea resorts

Accommodation Everyone who is going to spend time at one of the fabulous resorts in the Odessa region is searching,  first of all, for the right choice of accommodation or a place to stay at night, which would be both inexpensive and quite comfortable. For your convenience on the Accommodation web page City Card gathered hotels, recreation centers and sanatoriums at the Odessa resorts. Luxurious hotels, beautiful sanatoriums and modest hostels - every tourist will find housing to their taste and budget on the City Card site. A variety accommodation selection on the Black Sea has always pleases tourists for its diversity and excellent service, which is getting better fr om year to year. Housing prices depends on many factors: the type of rental housing, the availability of additional services, parking, distance from the coastline, etc. If you are going to go on a family vacation, the pension or one of the wonderful healing sanatoriums of Odessa region would be an excellent choice. For a budget holiday in a cheerful students company the perfect choice would be a budget hostel wh ere comfortable accommodation cost is quite cheap. And for a romantic getaway with your other half the best choice would be a room in a beautiful resort hotel in the Odessa region. Rooming amenities, service and lots of additional services will pleasantly surprise you. On the City Card site you will find photos, addresses, descriptions, reviews and the latest prices for housing in Odessa region resorts. Holidays with the City Card tourist card - is a discount on room rates in hotels, hostels, boarding houses, sanatoriums and recreation centers at the Odessa region resorts, as well as free museums, tours, and transportation for our customers.

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