Rest in Carpathians. Ski and SPA resorts


Bukovel - the largest ski resort in Ukraine, it is the most popular place in the Carpathians. Available prices for accommodation, restaurants and other services, will pleasantly surprise you. Hiking, horseback riding and lots of fun, always waiting for you in summer and winter.


Dragobrat is the highest mountain resort of Ukraine, the mandatory marking on a map of all the fans of skiing and snowboarding. Snow cap is lying on the mountain for a long time, in May and even June. Therefore Dragobrat resort is a great alternative to the resort Bukovel, especially if you prefer a real, rather than scattered with cannons snow. Especially because these resorts are located close by, only about 20 km (as the crow flies) one from other. Note that, going here, you have to know how to ride a little bit.


The resort Slavske - a ski resort that will give you a spectacular winter and summer holidays. Slavsko is famous for a large number of ski slopes, interesting institutions and hospitable hotels. Interesting variety of trails and there on the mountain "Trostyan", where you can make cheap ride. And hiking in the mountains will give a memorable vacation.


Yaremche resort has long been considered the central point of tourism in the Carpathians. Here come people healthier crystal-clear air, admire the charming waterfalls and take a hike to the sights of the Carpathians. Going to Yaremche you can, and summer and winter, because in every season you will find interesting tourist program.


Morshyn - one of the best health resorts in Ukraine. He is known for his effective wellness sanatoriums, bases of rest, the source of mineral water, which purify and rejuvenate the human body. Each accommodation complex has a cafe, dining rooms and souvenir shops.


Ski resort Verhovina one of the favorite resorts of Ukrainians, which makes it the most popular tourist recreation center in the Carpathian Mountains. Resort Verkhovyna, will give you an unforgettable experience. Skiing, snowboarding and horseback, along with available tsennami accommodation, restaurants and entertainment will make your stay a memorable one.


Kosov - is a resort full of healing mineral water springs, which are located in the "Hutsul" park. Rest in Kosov is beautiful both in winter and summer. People come not only to admire the snow-covered hills, but also for snowboarding and skiing. Here you will see a lot of Hutsul handicrafts too.


Truskavets - spa resort, which provides a full range of wellness services. Any resort in Truskavets includes rehabilitation program curative mineral water from the famous springs. Truskavets resorts have a large number of advantages, which attracts more and more tourists here, to effectively improve your health, cheap and a good rest.


Pylypets resort - a low-cost choice for real lovers of active rest, skiing and snowboarding, breathtaking landscapes and clear mountain air. A resort for those who love Hutsul cuisine and hospitality of Carpathians people. You can enjoy rest here in summer and winter - whenever you want.


Plai resort - relatively new and constantly modernized center for recreation and holidays in Carpathians. The number of slopes is not so big, but they are of different difficulty, and will fit both for novices and professionals. There are lots of hotels, kolybas and restaurants, so tourists will always find a place where to live and taste delicious Ukrainian - and Hutsul in particular - cuisine.


Svaliava - a health resort in Transcarpathia. Here, a beautiful, breathtaking nature is combined with the hospitality of the inhabitants, who have not changed their traditions. Breathe in the fresh air of the Carpathians at full breasts, drink crystal clear, with many useful properties of water Svaliava. Relax and be healthy!


Sheshory is a big Hutsul village which is 600 m above the sea level. Surrounded by the mountains it is the place that attracts tourists to spend holidays in Ukraine, both in winter and summer. Unforgettable emotions and experience from the beautiful nature: clear air, mountain rivers and amazing forests. And the tastiest Hutsul cuisine, of course. The best choice to become acquainted with the Hutsul culture!


Vorokhta - is one of the best resorts in Ukrainian Carpathians for tourism. As the settlement is hidden high in the mountains, it's the perfect choice for those who loves skiing and snowboarding. It's not so pompous as Bukovel, but still, guarantees you good emotions and fadelss memories. Also you can have a good rest in Vorokhta in summer:  a breathtaking nature, mountain rivers and valleys, and clean air...A Hutsul capital with a starting point of the rout to the summit of Hoverla nearby.


Skhidnytsia is a Carpathian spa resort, the best choice for those who want to spend their holidays in Ukraine and boost immune system. Skhidnytsia is the place of mineral water Naftusya - reacting with the oxygen this water loses its useful qualities, that's why you won't find it somewhere else. Skhidnytsia is a unique balneological spa resort!


Tyudov - a resort in Ukrainian Carpathians for those who love active rest: it's skiing and snowboarding in winter and rafting on Cheremosh river in summer. And at the same time it is a quiet place to enjoy the nature, escape from the city rat race and have a rest with family and children.


Shayan is one of the Carpathian resorts that successfully mixes the entertainment and health improvement, and thereby fits everyone. Coming on holidays in Ukraine here in winter you can ski or take up snowboarding, while you can enjoy your stay at Shayan health resort whenever you want, in any month of the year. Here you'll boost your immune system due to mineral water with lots of ferrum and carbon in it. Just as many other Carpathians resorts Shayan is surrounded with mountains, and a river - Tysa - flows nearby, so it's a good choice if you love beautiful nature.


Migovo - resort in the famous Bukovina region. This resort is not as large as Bukovel is, but still, is very comfortable and offers ski slopes of different complexity. A mountain area with mineral waters is nearby. Migovo fits for those who want to have rest in Carpathians both in winter and summer


Berehove resort - is the city in Transcarpatnia, where tourists come to enjoy the picturesque landscapes and to boost immune system. Berehove boasts of many thermal mineral water springs, that help to heal many diseases. There are open and indoor swimming pools. Also, here you can taste the delicious mix of Hungarian and Carpathian cuisine!


Podovets resort offers lots of entertainment to make your holidays in Carpathians attractive. For example, fishing, horse riding and mountains' walking tours in summer, or skiing and snowboarding in winter. You can learn how to ski and hire the instructor. Slopes fit for greeners and professionals. Another ski resort Volovets is situated nearby, so you can have a double fun from the holidays in Carpathians!

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