Concert Remembering Christmas

Concert Remembering Christmas

Christmas is long gone, but the winter is not over yet, the spring mood is far and why not think of the past, but so pleasant? Moreover, the snow outside the window is very much sold out. Christmas compositions are what help to create a festive mood when the day of lovers has passed and there are no winter holidays left, and winter itself is still behind the window. And the academic choir of the Kharkov Philharmonic named after. Vyacheslav Palkin.
The program: A. Lotti, V. Muzhchil, E. Stankovich, M. Leontovich, A. Kositz, A. Sirotenko, I. Gaidenko, E. Esenvalds, V. Karminsky.
Where: Kharkiv Regional Philharmonic? Rymarskaya 21
When: February 20, 6:30 p.m.
Telephone: (057) 705-08- 54, (067) 31-66-300, 050) 400-48-08, 057-762-99-83, 057-341-60-62
Price: from 100 UAH.

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