Too married taxi driver | Pushkin theater

Too married taxi driver | Pushkin theater

There are such craftsmen in the world, eager for diversity and female attention, which can lead a double life for a long time. To start a mistress is a simple thing, but twice married, it is still art. Only one blow to the head with a handbag - and everything was confused, lost, the schedule debugged over the years, and the hero suddenly turns out to be not where he should have been. Two never intersecting lives fall into one heap, in which it is no longer possible to understand.
Where: st. Chernyshevskaya, 11
When: February 20, 7:30 pm
Telephone: (057) 717-98-37 (ticket office), (057) 706-13-81 (reception)
Price: 30 - 130 UAH.

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