The course of writing skills starts in Kharkov
16.10.2018 - 16.10.2018

The course of writing skills starts in Kharkov

On October 16, a two-month literacy course from LITOSVITA starts in Kharkiv. Famous writers will share the theory and practical writing tools. The program includes 40 hours of lectures and practical classes, consultations with lecturers, and informal meetings.
Lecturers are well-known and professional writers, critics, publishers and literary scholars: Lyubko Deresh, Alexander Mikhed, Igor Zarudko, Vladimir Arenev, Rostislav Semkiv, Tatyana Trofimenko, Maxim Zhidko, Bogdana Romantsova, Staska Padalka, Andrei Voinitsky, Svetlana Sklyar, Artem Usik.
The program consists of 5 modules:
· Theory of writing and fiction;
· The main toolkit of the author;
· Plot and character;
· Self-editing and publishing;
· Reading and criticism.
Where: Baggage, Lopansky lane, 2/2
When: from October 16 to December 21
Cost: 2500 UAH.

Author: Татьяна Музыра
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