Valery Zhidkov presents a new humorous program

Valery Zhidkov presents a new humorous program

One of the brightest authors and scriptwriters of the studio Quarter 95, the host and author of the daily humorous program Chistonuz on the channel 1 + 1, as well as co-host of the humorous show Evening Kiev goes to Kharkov with the presentation of the new program. The concert of the comedian will take place on the holiday of Valentine's Day - February 14. Valery's new humorous program is called Everything and everything at the concert will go really about everything: about love, sports, cinema, space and about us, people. Valery Zhidkov argues that there is a joke in every truth. So, his new program proves that with humor and irony one can treat absolutely everything in our life. The organizers promise, it will be funny, subtle, sharp and intelligent.
Known today to many Ukrainians, Valery Zhidkov, like most humorists, began his career in the KVN. Valery was a member of the Tambov Wolves team, represented the children of Tapkin, participated in many festivals and KVN championships. The most significant period of the game in KVN for Valery was his team's participation in the Open Ukrainian League, where in 1999 the guys became owners of the Winter Cup. Since that time, Tambov's wolf has been named after Valery.
Since 2003, Valery moved to Kiev and began his collaboration with the studio Quarter 95. He has been working with solo performances since 2006, and every concert he's making presents.
The concert on February 14 will take place in the Kharkov KKZ Ukraine, the cost of tickets from 120 to 550 UAH.

Author: Татьяна Музыра
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