How to use Kyiv City Card?

  1. City Card works as an ordinary metro ticket with prepaid number of trips and the possibility of recharge for 2 years.
  2. Kyiv City Card is valid for 2 days, 3 days and 5 days after its activation.
  3. Kyiv City Card offers free enter to museums and tours during its term - 2days, 3 days and 5 days.
  4. Kyiv City Card gives the right to get discounts by the program of our partners during the year.
  5. Kyiv City Card is equipped with a unique 16 numbers code. You should tell this code to a reservation manager before you book a hotel.
  6. There is a Cardholder field on your Kyiv City Card. We recommend you to write your name there.
  7. Activation of your Kyiv City Card starts from the date and hour you write in the field Date on the backside of your card. You can write the date when you buy the card or any another moment when you want to start use your card.
  8. Kyiv City Card with no date on the backside is not accepted by partners.
  9. Check full list of partners, museums and sightseeing agencies at

How to use tear off ticket

  1. The ticket should stay in the catalogue until the cashier in the museum or gallery takes it out. In other cases the ticket is invalid.
  2. In museums or galleries you should show your Kyiv City Card and a catalogue with a corresponding ticket in it. If the card is out of term all the tickets are invalid.
  3. During the term of your Kyiv City Card you can use each ticket only once.
  4. Tear off ticket gives you only a Free entrance to the museum. All other services must be paid by common price.

Buy online

When you buy our card online you will get card number on your e-mail. With this card number you can book hotel, hostel or apartments with a discount.

How to get your plastic KYIV CITY CARD?

You can do it just coming to Kyiv. We will make delivery of a plastic card to any convenient place:

  • At tourist information offices.
  • Any address in Kyiv.
  • At the office of CITY CARD: 147/5 Saksaganskogo St.
  • So when you buy our card online or pay cash you should let us know wished date and place of delivery.