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Kraina UA tour operator

Travel company “Kraina UA” is the prime tour operator in Ukraine. Experience over than 300 tours around Kyiv and Ukraine. You may join the group tour or order the private one to different regions of Ukraine, such as Carpathian mountains, Shatsk lakes, Odessa and others. Do you want to have an excursion in Kiev? Book now! Also we book hotels, apartments, transfers, insurance etc.

Svitlana Tour

Tourism in Ukraine is considered to be an exclusive luxury for many years.

Now, in the era of rapid development of tourism, we feel a great pride for the implementation of an important mission - we give people rest, cognition, bright emotions and unforgettable impressions.

A warm summer evening, fabulous streets of Kiev, the guide, who with his inspirational story "gives ticket" into the events of the past ... This is not a scene from the film, this is how we spend author tours in Kiev. Even kievans will open the city from different way.

An important kind of tourism are weekend tours. Spend the day with family and friends.

Also we offer you the author tours from the tour operator "Svetlana Tour". Among them - a tour of Kyiv Dnipro River, a trip to the Buddhist shrines in Cherkassy, a review of the mystical places in Kiev, picnic natural granite quarry, and more.

Ornament Ukraine tour operator

Ornament Ukraine" Travel Company is inbound tour operator. Our fascinating Kyiv city tours, sightseeing tours from 1 to 10 days across all the country, workshops on Ukrainian traditional crafts will help you understand and FEEL Ukraine.

Ariadna T tour operator

Travel company "Ariadna T" is an incoming Ukrainian tour operator established in 1996 for meeting the needs of business visitors and tourists coming to Ukraine.

Mysterious Kyiv excursion office

Tour agency "Interesting Kyiv" provides a service of regular excursions in Kyiv and the surrounding area every weekend and weekdays.

World Without Borders tour operator

Kiev’s tour operator "Travel company" World Without Borders "offers limitless possibilities.

Through the Ages: Unbowed

Retrospective from Kievan Rus till EuroMaydan times.

Our walking tour starts at Shevchenko Park (near Red Tram), May first.

Tour route:

Tourist Information Centre "Old Tram" (Shevchenko Park), Vladimirskaya Street, "Golden Gates", Sofia Mihailovskaya Square, Vladimir Hill, European square, Maydan.

Walking tour

The informal atmosphere and a walk are the best for learning more about a new city. That's why City Card advises you to visit a free walking tour «Free Tours».

River Cruise "Kiev Panorama"

Closed for the winter.

Take the opportunity to spend your time on the board of the ship “Riverest”and you will see that it is so exciting and enjoyable journey.

Excursions in Kiev

Excursions Traveling around a huge metropolis, you can take part in a very interesting and exciting excursions around Kiev. They are an excellent option in many ways with the purpose of education and knowledge of cultural sights of architectural structures and other places in Kiev. The most interesting excursions in Kiev can be divided into excursions to historical places of Kiev and thematically, sightseeing tours. Guided tours can be individual or group, it all depends on your personal desires. Additionally, you can choose a guide and together make up the route. Excursions in Kiev contributed in a large range: it can be hiking at significant places of the city, bus tours or sightseeing tours along the Dnieper on the boat. Popular routes in Kiev are excursions to the Monastery, stroll the Botanical Garden in Kiev zoo, the direction from the train / railway station, tours of the St. Andrew's descent, and many others. Tourist Card With Kyiv City Card - guest card of the city you get discounts on a lot of excursion routes. City Card give discount for some free tours. You can get acquainted with the legends of the city, to see unique places and facilities, regardless of which method of transportation you choose - with the information provided by the City Card you will be satisfied, and its output will remember with pleasure, enjoying photos made.

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