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Ukrainian Pysanka Festival

Ukrainian Pysanka Festival in Kiev - is an annual event, which is an integral part of the Easter holiday for residents and guests of the capital. This festival is very important for Ukraine, as it supports and promotes the Ukrainian folk tradition, which has a long history.

Global Gathering

This large-scale festival of electronic music came to us from the UK and held in Kiev in 2007. It was then that the festival was first held in continental Europe. Among the main musical genres dominated trance, house and drum and bass.

Kraina Mriy

Kraina Mriy - is international ethnic music festival, which is held annually on the Singing Field or in Pirogovo since 2004. Dates of the event usually coincide with the celebration of Ivan Kupala (the end of June - beginning of July), so everyone can look at the authentic costumes festival guests and listen to the same music.

Summer literary lectures

"Summer literary lectures" - is an opportunity for anyone interested in his own literary development, to spend their summers surrounded by favorite writers. You will hear the lectures of the best writers on the subject of Ukraine creative writing, publishing, literary criticism of many other things.

13 Street Food Festival

Street Food Festival - is a great way to try new and unusual dishes, discover the cuisine of different countries of the world and meet new people. Fashion on the street food has spread across continents and continues to conquer Kiev. It has repeatedly held the festival and will be held again, as demand for the popular food court continues to grow rapidly.


Festival KIEV BEER FEST – is one of the brightest events of the year, which is held in Kiev in the early fall. The program - a variety of exciting contests for the whole family, which take place over several days in the big and small stages. Kiev Beer Fest – is the most massive event in the world of Ukrainian producers of foam and beermaniac, which had previously been called SeptemberFEST. The festival will be opened by a special fair, where you can try more than one hundred kinds of different beers from all over the country and the world.

The Chestnut Run

"The Chestnut Run" - is the most popular in Ukraine sport and charity event, which held every year since 1993, in Kiev. All collected funds are transferred to the project for the purchase of equipment and supplies for the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Tattoo Collection

Festival "Tattoo Collection" - is the biggest event in Ukraine for fans of tattoo culture. Its main motto - "Do not go naked - decorate." Despite the skeptical views of conservatives, they say, "how can you look in old age", this event attracts a huge number of outstanding personalities. What is the "Tattoo Collection"?

The Museum of Fairytales

The Museum of Fairytales is a theatrical festival where kids become equally involved in the event. All the activities take place around realistic decorations presenting popular fairytales. Exhibits of the Museum of Fairytales will impress both kids and adults! 

Festivals in Kiev

Festivals Festivals in Kiev - it is an integral and one of the components of the cultural life of the entire country. Most large-scale festivals in Ukraine in most cases carried out in the capital. Kiev is famous for its creativity and luxury, so it attracts thousands of tourists fr om other cities wishing to visit any interesting events in Kiev. These public events like festivals, Kiev opens on the other hand they allow to be aware of all the judges of significant musical, visual, and any other art form. Festivals are held in Kiev in a variety of places: from indoor and free space before the "Open Air" sites. Every year in the capital held a lot of events. Some of them have a long history, some only develop, but some if not only born, but already had time to catch the fancy of the guests, now they are looking forward. One of the most regular events in Kyiv is a festival "Molodist", in which each fall shows more than two hundred films from around the world. Also it is not considered to be less important international festival of ethnic music "Krajina Mriy" who founded the frontman of the popular band "Vopli Vidopliasova" Oleg Skripka. Music festivals attract tens of thousands of Kiev fans and connoisseurs of live concerts. These events offer the public the different genres and popularize a variety of musical styles and have the opportunity to visit: as ethnic festivals and rock concerts or electronic music festival Global Gathering. All of this can be found in the "Festival in Kiev" on the site Kyiv City Card. You can also visit the historical festivals in Kiev, such as the All-Ukrainian festival of Easter eggs or Pobeda.UA, Summer literary lectures, extreme festivals, for example a sports marathon "Chestnut Run" gastronomic food festivalin Kiev, KIEV BEER FEST or themed festivals, like Tattoo Collection. All the best festivals gathered on their portal pages Kyiv City Card, which tells not only wh ere to go in Kiev or that worth a visit, but will save as a guest card of Kyiv City Card offers discounts on many activities and institutions in the capital.

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