Championship of Ukraine of Cezve

Championship of Ukraine of Cezve

It was an event that could not miss any coffee lover in town. 
It was an event that could not miss any coffee lover in town. After just a few hours of the championship could learn everything about how cooked the most delicious and aromatic coffee from leading experts. He passed the championship of Ukraine in the coffee Cezve lab Fair Finch and looked more like a tournament wizards than the competition.
Working with Cezve resembles a magical ritual during which you can feel even the process of meditation in which participants stayed. In order to show their skills, participants were given fifteen minutes and a Turk! Thus, a variety of technological innovations, heaped coffee machines will not help to cheat: only talent, skill, and a Turk! On Saturday, the judges were able to identify three of the best of the best: it is Vitaly Nevmerzhitskiy with ONE LOVE espresso bar, Rami Taha FINCA coffee and Dmitry Kovalenko Atelier Design Coffee (Odessa). Well, on Sunday in a tense duel managed to gain victory Vitaly Nevmerzhitskiy, who must defend Ukrainian colors at the World Cup!
Photo: Ruslan Alexeenko