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    Comic Con gathered all geek crowd of Kiev

    Comic Con gathered all geek crowd of Kiev

    The biggest festival Comic Con is a popular among fans of comic books, fantasy, science fiction and videogames. Fans watching how their favorite festival passes in San Diego every year. And the audience of geeks collected money on "Spylnokoshtі" and tried to organize Comic in Kiev. The opening of which took place on June 6, superheroes and people stood shoulder to shoulder in a huge queue, they stood for several hours in the hot sun. This is organizers’s fault, who did not elaborate system of entrances or simply did not expect such an influx of people. Survive - a medal and an unforgettable experience. Inside, they waited another reality: the opening and parade participants, presentation of the first Transcarpathian animated series "Our Veit" clip "Vasil Gupalo" and the movie "Maksym Osa", lectures and master classes on drawing comics, educational program about graffiti, tournaments, board games and video games . In general, those who planned to drop in for an hour, stayed here until victory: so easy to Comic Con can not run away.

    Source: City Card
    Author: Елена Крайнова

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