Comic Con Ukraine 2018 | Photo report

Comic Con Ukraine 2018 | Photo report

September 22 - 23, a bright festival of pop culture Comic Con Ukraine took place in Kiev! This event, which is waiting for a whole year, because the traditional queues at the entrance do not scare anyone. On the contrary, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with colleagues and think over your image to the end. Comic Con Ukraine is the largest cosplay festival to which the most avid fans of anime, comics, books, films and cartoons come from different parts of the country ... All of them are incredibly interesting (and sometimes very expensive) costumes and with bright make-up competed on the main stage for the championship. And not only for the title of the best, but also for a cash prize of 100,000 hryvnia! This year, the winners were the guys from STARBUTT, who cosplayed the heroes of Starcraft 2. It is noteworthy that making a cool costume for the festival is not only long, but also very expensive! As the participants of the event told, the image can cost from eight thousand hryvnia. But not a single Comic Con member thinks about it - it's worth it!
 A star guest of the event was the role of the gnome in the Lord of the Rings, the British film actor John Rhys-Davies. This year the festival has become the most ambitious and it is not at all strange - every year it attracts more and more geeks. This year, on the very first day of the festival, more than 10 thousand people visited!
But Comic Con is not just about costumes! This, in addition, the presentation of new comics and books, the exhibition and the sea of ​​board and computer games. Also, there was a food court area and a special area for relaxation. One day is not enough to try everything.
Well, you can find out what other festivals are waiting for residents and guests of Kiev on the CityCard website.

Author: Погрибная Инна
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