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    Cup&Cake is open to visitors on Khreshchatyk

    Cup&Cake is open to visitors on Khreshchatyk


    "There are no customers – all people here are guests" - the main feature of Cup & Cake, which opened the third restaurant in Kiev. There is a new coffee shop in the heart of the capital, right on Khreshchatyk.
    In nine of ten cases of the most delicious cocoa you’ll get advice to come here. It is not known who and when invented the recipe for this chocolate drink, but most likely, it is a family secret, which is transmitted from generation to generation, strictly by word of mouth. But not one of cocoa, this famous coffee house, everything somehow gets into their huge brand cup, distinctive taste and love with which these drinks are prepared. Supplement the order can be a dessert or something more satisfying and less sweet - the whole range of looks appetizing. Here and cupcakes, cheese and a woman, and Napoleon, and between them a pie with spinach, which shares a shelf with cheese cake - certainly have to choose from.
    This place opened few days ago and now actively grows roots in the new location: arranges the dishes, between preparing coffee they paint the walls and joking with guests. The new café has three rooms, a bit changing concept: now you can sit here a little longer, but not to order take-out coffee due to the fact that already there is no place to sit. In August, the number of seats will be more, because the summer is expected to open platforms, such an important and necessary at this time of year. Find Cup & Cake is very simple - a huge sign will not let you pass.

    Address: Khreshchatyk 27

    Source: CityCard
    Author: Елена Крайнова

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