Festival "Finding Made in Ukraine"

Festival "Finding Made in Ukraine"

18-19 April 2015 was the third festival "Finding made in Ukraine"
The annual festival is aimed not only for entertainment purpose and is applied nature-oriented Ukrainian businessmen. This event supports domestic producers and those who do not have their own retail outlets, but also would like to provide their goods offline. Market expansion due to start-ups is crucial to improve the investment and business climate in Ukraine. This is great for anyone who wants to promote their products not only in social networks.
Festival "Finding Made in Ukraine" this time held in the territory of Kontraktova Square on April 18 in Kiev. Consumers offered not only hand-made, jewelery and clothes, but also useful for everyday things. The entire exhibition area was divided into separate areas for shoes, garments, textiles, sports goods, houseware, furniture, food and other things made in Ukraine.

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