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    City Holiday Of Food 2.0

    City Holiday Of Food 2.0

    For three days the capital's gourmets discovered the secrets of cooking the most delicious in the open-air "Urban holiday meal 2.0". As it turned out, fans of the holidays stomach were many: a huge open-air kitchen was attended by about twenty thousand people. During these days, guests drank about five tons of intoxicating beer and ale, nearly a ton of soda, and ate more than one tonne of American burgers and Ukrainian dumplings!
    The festival showed that the people is not only delicious to eat, but also to know the secrets of cooking in order and at home to pamper your family and friends delicious drugs. It is because in the "city holiday" was a lot of wishing to attend master classes and lectures of professionals, chefs of world renown.
    Find a place could all: children were undeveloped area for party animals - party with a DJ and dancing, just wanting to eat heartily - tasting area. Also noteworthy are two important factors that allowed to do without the unpleasant "aftertaste" - democratic prices gastronomic delights and no crowds. But the organizers of the festival told that this is not the end: they start preparing for the new festival, which will be held in Kiev in the autumn, which certainly in the future will tell City Card.

    Source: City Card

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