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    Green Weekend at the Mariinsky park

    Green Weekend at the Mariinsky park


    Juicy steaks, black burgers, grilled vegetables – there are only a small part of gastrofest Green Weekend, which took place in Kiev, 8 and 9 August. Also, there were 100 and 1 kind of lemonade, coffee and other refreshments, which in the heat particularly popular.
    Despite the heat, the interest for the festival the inhabitant of Kiev was rather big too: it was a lot of people. It could be even more if the venue is not claimed baffled European area specified in the posters, was the Mariinsky park. But the lucky ones who was not too lazy to walk, or contact the organizers to find nestled next to seashells Green Weekend. Big Garage SALE. In the park you can rent a beach chair or take a soft puff to enjoy a cold drink or smoke a hookah, which were in stock.
    From 18:00 jazz wafting through the park, which is so attracted to him and during the day the guests were training and master classes from the organizers of the festival “Krepatura” delayed onset muscle soreness. Who came this weekend at the Mariinsky park, definitely not regret their choice: three in one festival, it is convenient and economical, especially since the entrance was free.

    Source: CityCard
    Author: Елена Крайнова

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