How people celebrated the Day of Kyiv

How people celebrated the Day of Kyiv

‘When are you celebrating the Day of Kyiv?’ - this question was asked guests of the capital, and we had to explain that the celebrations are almost a week. Fr om May 26 at the Sophia Square
 were open attractions for children and children's fair. But the official opening has been at May 29. The program was ambitious: panels of flowers, the start of the waltz festival, a flashmob with colored umbrellas. By the way, these umbrellas adorned the entire Sophia Square, the idea belongs to the organizer of the celebration, President Folk Ukraine Igor Dobrutsky.
Brass and symphony orchestras were playing fr om the stage, at the territory worked a photo stand, wh ere guests could take a photo, actors congratulated, and somewh ere at the right side was working confetti-machine. International Children's Day was on June 1 and Oleinik, Anna Sedokova and participants of the show ‘The Voice’ were at the Sophia Square.
The days were so intense that time everywhere and immediately it was sometimes difficult. Then you and the bike ride, and now Vitali Klitschko fulfills together with the people of Kiev anthem capital. About 130 celebrations were in the capital of that days.

Author: Елена Крайнова
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