How was Rap Shmap Yo Courage Bazaar

How was Rap Shmap Yo Courage Bazaar

Charitable and merry event

Entertainment for adults, children and even dogs

This August brought to Kyiv a lot of incredible events, memories of which will warm the soul and cause an easy smile for a long time. Particularly bright was another flea market, which gathered on the greenery of all those who ever cut through the streets in broad trousers and sang a party at the house's Decl. So, the decoration of the party was the performance of the legend of the late nineties - the beginning of the zero, bright and incendiary Repert Descl! To listen to the star gathered more than seven thousand fans to poke around. On the second day here was no less bright, the musical baton was intercepted by the Ukrainian colleague of the Decl, Misha Kuprin, who adequately continued the reperimental theme of the August flea market. In addition, last weekend, Rap Shmap Yo Courage Bazar arranged entertainment for everyone - adults, children and even dogs, for whom there were separate entertainments.

And, of course, it is worth recalling that Courage Bazaar is a charity event. At the weekend managed to collect 19 613 hryvnia, which will go to help the kids. Well, and about what other festivals and parties will allow to complete this summer brightly and unforgettably, you can find out in the news on the CityCard website.

Author: Погрибная Инна