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    Large-scale music festival Atlas Weekend: how it was

    Large-scale music festival Atlas Weekend: how it was


    Kiev music fans was speaking only about Atlas Weekend by all last month, the whole city was gay posters, virtually all areas suitable for advertising, proudly reported that, on 11 and 12 July at the art factory "Platform" will be a grand musical event. And yes, it took place! Two days from 15:00 p.m. to midnight the best representatives of Ukrainian music performed on stage in the open air, neither rain nor cold could not stop them. It seems that art works took almost the entire Kiev that so many people were.

    Perhaps it was the biggest music festival, as he gathered in their scenes more than 30 teams. And there were two scenes: Main stage and Rock The Nation Stage, the first were those who did not need an introduction, those who learn from the first chords, and the sound of their songs, the second scene is gathered in one place young and promising artists who have pleased It sounds fresh and original performance.
    The musical component of the weekend is not that pleased, delighted, and it has not left a single claim: simplicity and authenticity Odyn v kanoe combined with great Boombox’s drive and incredible Jamala’s voice, immediately intertwined lyricism of Tchaikovsky Mary and frankness Pianoboy, trembita by ONUKA and cajon by SunSay. And that's not all the performers, who for two days in a row playing non-stop. On stage for young artists held a competition, the winner of which was a group of Us, a prize - performance on the Main stage.
    Radio Aristocrats, namely Jaroslav Lodygin and Daniel Hamutovsky become an integral part of the scene, and a connecting link, they entertained the guests until the musicians tuning their instruments.
    And, nevertheless, not everything went smoothly in the Atlas Weekend. Those who were there could not help but notice some problems in the organization, such as the huge queues for food and hot drinks, which were popular in the first day when the temperature is steadily beating records for cold. The average guest of the festival spent about 1.5 hours on the queue: for food and restroom. It exacerbates the problem and the inability to come up with the territory: the organizers were not included bracelets, and people could enter only once. We all learn from our mistakes: the second day was more unloaded in terms of queues points with hot coffee became more added toilets, single and irreversible - no bracelets, which we hope will take into account in the future.
    On Platform also had plenty of places to warm up and it was fun: theater, skimbordinga area, table tennis and trampoline.
    To summarize, the summary of the festival is very consoling: it was a lot of quality music, a lot of people and a lot of drive - is not the three pillars on which the music festivals?

    Source: CityCard
    Author: Елена Крайнова

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