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    Museum in the airport "Kiev"

    Museum in the airport "Kiev"

    It is not the first time the airport "Kiev" becomes little more than a place of passengers’ migration. Entrance Hall of the capital airport again appeared before his guests as a cultural museum. December 26th on its territory to everyone’s gaze was presented art project "Ukrainian miracle". At the heart of its concept was to combine art exhibition and fashion show. Authorship of the event belongs to the famous Ukrainian artist Ekaterina Biletina and domestic fashion designers Margarita Kozak and Golda Vinogradskaya. As accessories models wore bright wreaths of flowers and herbs, complementing the image paintings of girls in Ukrainian national costumes. Spectators of the art actions could become one of the Kiev visitors: travelers, staff, mourners meet and just lovers of the non-traditional performances. In the show also participated professional model with lovely airport staff. As for the works of the artist E. Biletina, her art will be exhibited in the station until the end of 2015. Hurry to see! Images: GF Production

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