Christmas Tree at Sofiyvska Sq.

Christmas Tree at Sofiyvska Sq.

Light the Christmas tree Last week, on December 19th at Sophia Square the most important Christmas lights of Kiev lit up. Festive tree, which, by the way, the real fragrant beauty, but not replaced by the factory twin, was installed not on the Maidan for the first time for a long period. None of the passers-by missed the opportunity to be photographed with New Year tree and share with friends on social networks. What can we say, this year decorated Christmas tree was a great success - the twinkling garlands, large toys - the key to the festive mood for the whole winter. In addition to Christmas attributes passers-by were naturally attracted also by street food flavors. At the fair you can try different variations of recipes for hot dogs, burgers and kebabs. Vegetarians also found what to taste. Everyone was warming up with the traditional fruit mulled wine, teas and coffee, which were also in abundance. Children and adults didn’t miss the opportunity to take a ride on the carousel and roller coaster, eat festive gingerbread and join to the already started celebration of the New 2015 in Kiev. Images: Vgorode



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