From Andrew to Mykolay, from Mykolay to Basil
21.12.2017 - 21.12.2017

From Andrew to Mykolay, from Mykolay to Basil

Museum project Family values ​​- Family ties presents a vivid kaleidoscope of works that will please the visitors of the museum with originality, skill, colors, shapes, mood ...

On the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the name of the exhibition came to itself: three surnames were united into one great artistic homeland: Korzh, Radko and Tregubov. The exhibition, initiated by Taras Korzh, is devoted to parents: Andriy Radko, Vasilev Korzh and Nikolay Tregubov. And the names of the parents in a magnificent way coincided with the cycle of Christmas holidays: evening parties and divination on Andrew, gifts from Mykolay, shchedrivki to Basil...

From Andriy... Radko Vladimir, Korzh-Radko Lyudmila, Radko Sergey, Radko Katerina

Radko Vladimir Andriyovich (1951) is an original contemporary artist, his works reflect the subtle perception of form and space and invite into the world of infinite expression.

Lyudmila Andriyvna Korzh-Radko (1956) - the exquisite and sophisticated creative style of the artist calms down, but makes for reflection. To make shining warm, they are light and transparent, as if breath of wind, but full of symbolism.

Radko Sergyi Andryiovich (1963) is a monumental artist in the specialty and a potter by vocation. Clay, a circle, an oven for me is a call of fate, - says Sergyi Radko.

Radko Katerina Vladimirovna (1974) master schedule. Her works fascinate; Looking at the images, you feel their magical influence, as if you are becoming part of an incredible story.

From Mykolay... Tregubov Mykolay, Tregubova Valentina, Tregubova Natalia, Tregubov Vladimir

Tregubov Mykolay Semenovich (1922 - 2007) and Tregubova Valentina Mikhailovna (1926 - 2010). The creativity of this couple is an example of high professionalism, fine artistic taste and deep knowledge of national traditions, art and literature. Working at the Korosten Porcelain Factory, they managed to create their own unique, recognizable style. Their products adorn the collections of many museums and private collections (masters work



Tregubova Natalia Nikolaevna (1952) works with various materials and in various techniques, but all of her works differ in originality and brightness.

Volodymyr Mykolayovych Tregubov (1957 - 2013) created special and piercing images, his enchanted colored world.

From Basil... Korzh Bogdan, Korzh Lesya, Korzh Taras

Korzh Bogdan Basilyovich(1952) author of more than two thousand works in the genres of sculptural portraiture, medal art, sculptures of small forms, garden-park and monumental sculptures. His works are decorated by museums of Ukraine and other countries of the world. A master of forms, a metaphysician who creates images born of spatial thinking, says Oksana Gavrosh, art critic.

Korzh Lesya Bogdanovna (1979) is a versatile and beautiful artist. Her works and materials with which she works are very different, but each work is full of life-affirming power.

Korzh Taras Bogdanovich (1989) creates his creative space, playing with colors, shapes, lines. His abstractions are rhythmic, they fasten the look and make you look at this unusual colored world.

Everything happened symbolically and logically aligned in time and purpose. At the family show, there are 11 authors - a large range of their creative pursuits and artistic techniques: painting, graphics, watercolors, sculptures, pottery, batik, porcelain. Despite the diversity of directions and creative individuality, the authors combine high professionalism and vivid artistic expression.

On the opening day will be presented a family site:


which gives an opportunity to more widely get acquainted with the creativity of artists, and also you can order a book Valentine and Mykolay Tregubov.

We are waiting for you at the opening ceremony on December 21, 2017 at 18.00

The musical part of the official opening of the exhibition will be a wonderful ornament of the evening. Impressionism and neo-Impressionism in the works of Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Pavel Kolpakov - this is elegance and emotionality, infinite positive. In the performance of Andriy Lunyov and Varvara Turti, masters of piano art, Ravel and Debussy appear to be unsurpassed representatives of impressionism. As for neo-Impressionism, critic Latunsky argues that Kolpakov's piano's work is the discovery of the era of this trend in music.

The exhibition will last from 21 December 2017 to 11 February 2018.

The museum is open from 11.00 to 19.00 every day, except Monday. free entrance

Museum Address: street Kirillovskaya, 41, Kyiv

The project coordinator is Onishchenko Tetyana

Phone: +38 (067) 250 51 17

Exhibit Roll:


You can order a book by Valentina and Nikolai Tregubov at Lyudmila Karpinskaya by phone: +38 067 67 81 492 or on the FB Valentina and Mykolay Tregubov page


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