Opening of the Neo Calligraphy exhibition

Opening of the Neo Calligraphy exhibition

Touch the magic of the East too

The tradition of calligraphy in a new way

Creative space J. Grether filled with Japanese atmosphere. Sounded Hang Anatoly Gernadenko held a tea ceremony, and is located on the ground floor design - Character year - 21 work in the author's Neo-Calligraphy-style.

The next floor is a series of kotodama - "faith in the power of words" - 20 of the most positive words that bring good luck and Daruma dolls - "belief in the power of desire." On the third floor of the exhibition space presents the "Tron" and "Temple", where everyone can make a wish, striking the bell.

At the end of the presentation all waited a master class from Rairyu, Japanese delicacies and hot DJ set by Alexei Brinzaka.

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