Spring came - Kyoto blossomed

Spring came - Kyoto blossomed

Where to go to enjoy the most romantic times

Finally, the most beautiful time came. Now you can’t stay at home, don’t want to go to the cinema, too. You want spend as much time on the street as possible, because all around came to life!
The Ukrainian capital is so full of beautiful parks, squares and boulevards. This is not surprising, because Kiev is the greenest city in the country!
We invite you to stroll along one of the most original parks - Kyoto. The area is dedicated to one of the Japanese cities as a sign of friendly relations with Kiev. In honor of this Sakura avenue was planted, so you can experience the atmosphere of Japan.
Now bushes have just started to feel the heat. Only several trees of Ukrainian culture blossomed. However, in a week rain is expected, and then - again warming. During this period, the Japanese tree blossom.

Author: Аня Яровая


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