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     A festival of street art "Lights of Kiev"

    A festival of street art "Lights of Kiev"


    You can found about a lot of talented people for a one walk through the city, you can’t pass them – be sure you’ll stop to enjoy what they are doing. It could be a guy with a guitar that captivates his vocals and songs, it can also be an unusual woman with dreadlocks and a strange instrument in his hands, the name of which is difficult to even fantasize, but the sounds of this metal plate, just transferred to another dimension - these are unusual and unfamiliar. Not only musicians rich in our city, in addition to these, we can meet on the streets of a man who deftly shifts from one hand to another fire stick, demonstrating skillful fire-show.
    Artists, musicians, creative people – all of them decided to gather on one platform so that they can show itself in all its glory, and their talents could enjoy not on the run, as is usually the case, as completely and thoroughly immersed in the world of creativity.

    July 19, gathered at the Song Festival Grounds Kiev talents. From early morning until late at night they played at incredible instruments, danced, conducted master classes to teach what they themselves can and guests of the festival. The territory now and then strolled hodulisty: scaring and entertaining children on every corner were different workshops ranging from the creation of original hats and ending drawing mehendi, anyone could shoot a bow and a nearby horse feed, and could archery straight from the horses, there could learn the basics of playing the steel tongue drum (this is a strange metal plate, which produces cosmic sounds). Amid all this, we heard echoing blows of swords, it fought in the tournament Knights, beating these blows most steel swords and deftly maneuvering in heavy armor. Guests played streak of light and the Jura Samovilov already known in broad circles of musicians. Entertainment was enough!

    Despite a lull in the afternoon, in the evening the guests were added and the final, as promised the organizers, was bright and memorable. The logical conclusion of the first festival of street art "Kyiv Lights" was a big fire show, which has prepared the Kiev team FireSpirit.

    Source: CityCard
    Author: Елена Крайнова

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