Fairy Kyiv

Fairy Kyiv

A creative project in which participated famous pop and tv stars!
What makes this world a brighter and kinder place to be? What unites generations and what every child and adult likes? What can conceal a magical and unforgettable adventure stories? No need to struggle the long puzzle, because the answer is so simple - it's a fairy tale. Familiar to everyone from the early ages and favorited for many years. They are associated with many cozy memories and pleasant moments. No wonder there is an expression "living like in a fairy tale".
Do not we live in the real fairy tale? Take a look around! Is Kiev not the same city with unimaginable castles and magical streets, which are described in children's stories? In order to demonstrate the favorite city in all its glory in 2014 was created an independent creative project, which was attended by folk pop stars and television celebs, who embodied in themselves favorite fairy tales characters.
The project was specifically presented to the International Children's Day in 2014, and received a lot of positive reviews. After that it was decided to continue it in the new 2015. And now everyone is looking forward to the new wonders and fascinating stories connected with fabulous and fairy Kiev!

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