New Year Hand-made Festival took place in Kiev On the last weekend in Kiev happened real pre-Christmas miracle, which name is UAmadeFest. Dozens of independent Ukrainian artists, designers and o ther creative people not only boasted of their products, but also create d a friendly festive atmosphere. Numerous gift wrapping s , delicious food and drinks, creative workshops did not leave anyone behind. The pre-holiday bustle swallowed up anyone who set foot on the territory of the festival. Only sincere smiles and good humor - even without snow, but already the inevitable approach of 2015 was felt. M erry music, fragrant mulled wine, a cozy photo stand, and even sharing tree d ecorating. Everything was magic and unbelievable. In general, it was an unforgettable event, and everyone who came for shopping, went with something more. Something intangible, but very, very enjoyable. Let’s c all it a good Christmas mood. Let this mood will last as long as possible and will not disappear even after all noisy midnight f irework s . Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!



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