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     Vsі.Svoi: how was the sixth market

    Vsі.Svoi: how was the sixth market


    On October 10-11, the main Ukrainian market of clothing, footwear and accessories "Vsi.Svoi" showed to people new autumn and winter collections of more than 200 Ukrainian brands. For the sixth time dandies and ladies two days went on three floors of galleries D12, where it's been presented. For guests' brands were divided into three categories and placed on three floors. Shoes separately, clothing and accessories separately, respectively, too. Entrance was free to market and sell in the territory of warming drinks and food - frozen and hungry guests at the sixth convenience store was not. The influx of people to "Vsi.Svoi" was crazy - from morning to night people stood in queues at fitting to update your wardrobe. But to stand for what it was - it was a lot of products, their quality is very high and, of course, the biggest advantage - originality, it is unlikely you will run into a problem of the same things with a girlfriend.

    Source: CityCard

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