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     Yoga, harmony and beauty: how is the Vedalife going

    Yoga, harmony and beauty: how is the Vedalife going

    The fifth consecutive year the festival gathers Vedalife yoga enthusiasts, vegetarians, adherents of a healthy lifestyle and people who are reaching or have reached a certain harmony in life. From July 29 to August 2 Vedalife opened its doors to the waiting guests on Trukhanov island. A year ago, fans of yoga and Vedalife were going to the Exhibition Center, this year's event is more difficult to get to - it takes place on the basis of rest "Slavutich", but half-hour walk is worth it. It noted the regular guests of the festival, they conduct such activities primarily associated with the nature and conduct of the festival here, they think a good idea. In general, the location, guests have approved, but what's inside?
    Schedule filled from morning till night: a meeting with spiritual teachers, yoga marathons, experts from India, Thailand, USA, UK, workshops on drawing mehendi, consultation with Vedic astrologers and more.
    For five days Truhanov island was plunged into the atmosphere of love and harmony. People who come here - not casual visitors, who wandered in search of entertainment, mainly those who understand, and why there is. People - that's who create the atmosphere, and she Vedalife special, the three pillars that support it: the tranquility, harmony and understanding.
    If you are tired of the endless search for herself, from the accelerated rhythm of the city and are looking for tranquility, inspiration and interesting people - come to Vedalife.
    Details on the website vedalife.camp

    Source: CityCard
    Author: Елена Крайнова

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