Baptism of Kyiv

Baptism of Kyiv

The most important event for Kiev was the adoption of Christianity.
Kiev in the Х century

The most important event for Kiev was the adoption of Christianity. In this period the first stone Christian church - Church of the Tithes was built. And in the XI century by order of Yaroslav the Wise were built Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gate, founded the oldest Slavic monastery Pechersk Lava and opened the first library in the Kievan Rus.
All these events were a result of the fact that tribes which resided a principality territory couldn’t create a single religious system to unite beliefs of ancient Rus. Prince Vladimir decided to change this situation. According to the "Tale of Bygone Years" he made a "testing of the faiths" before christening. So in the 986 ambassadors from the Volga Bulgars came to him. They offered prince to adopt Islam and told about their rituals. But Vladimir did not accept the ban on wine drinking and rejected the offer. After Bulgarians were Germans from Rome, later - Khazarian Jews. But their faith did not suit the prince. Then a Byzantine arrived in Kiev and told Vladimir the biblical story about the Christian faith. The prince hesitated for a long time, but when his messengers visited baptism at Constantinople, he made a final decision in favor of Christianity in Greek rite. In 988 Prince Vladimir decides to be baptized by the Church of Constantinople and thereafter clergy which were sent to the Kievan Rus by Patriarch of Constantinople Nicholas II Hrisoverg baptized people of Kiev in waters of Dnieper and Pochaina.



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