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    Siege of Kiev by Mongol army

    Siege of Kiev by Mongol army

    Kiev in the XIII century

    It is known that Kievan Rus has always been a strong and powerful state, and neighbors wanted to deal with Kievan princes. Thereby it made Kievan Rus a tasty morsel for conquerors. Siege of Kiev was in Mongols plans since 1223. In the 1239-1240 Mongols succeeded in defeating the Chernigov principality and believed in success of their Kiev campaign, so they sent ambassadors to the city with a proposal to surrender voluntarily. An answer fr om Kiev was negative and denial was eloquent - ambassadors were killed. Thus, the siege of Kiev by Mongol army was one of the important events in the history of city. In 1237-1240 the Mongol yoke, led by Baty Chingizid and captain Subutai, whose main objective was to seize possessions of Daniel Galitsky, Poland and Hungary, went on a campaign. Firstly, on September 5, 1240, city was besieged. Defense campaign was led by Daniil Galitsky. During assault Daniel was in Hungary wh ere he tried to enter into a dynastic union (that has not crowned with success). When he returned, he could not get into the city due to small military force that was with him. So confrontation between Kiev and Mongol warriors lasted. On December 5th, 1240 Mongols managed to break through walls of the city. That year was tragic for Kiev: Mongols staged a mass slaughter and burned Church of the Tithes.

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