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    The foundation of the Kiev

    The foundation of the Kiev

    Kiev in the V century

    There is a legend that in 482, three brothers Kyi, Schek, Horeb and their sister Lybid founded the city on the hills of the Dnieper, which became the center of the tribe glades, and it was named Kiev in honor of his older brother. This wrote Nestor the Chronicler in the "Tale of Bygone Years". The site was chosen because of the beauty and majesty of nature.
    However, archaeologists have a different opinion. Scientists say that Kiev has arisen for several thousand years before our era. In place of the modern Kiev is an ancient settlement of tribes that came here about 3 thousand. BC It was a settlement, strengthening the culture Tripoli on Kudryavtsev. About 500 BC near Kiev housed Hotovskoe Scythian settlement - the northernmost settlement of the Scythians.
    But the settlement fell into disrepair, so the beginning of the history of the city is considered the end of the V century BC. It was then that people began to live here permanently. This fact is confirmed by archaeological excavations remains of the ancient city on Old Kiev Hill.
    And since the VI century Kyiv acquires the features of a feudal city. It began active construction of wooden buildings, the rulers built their palaces on high mountain Starokievskoj, merchants and craftsmen settled near the Dnieper River (on the territory of hem). The favorable geographical position attracted princes, craftsmen, merchants and other people who turned the city into a major commercial and trade center in Eastern Europe. But during the reign of Prince Oleg of Novgorod Kyiv city, located on the trade routes "from the Vikings to the Greeks", it became the capital of a mighty Slavic state, the likes of which had yet to look - Kievan Rus.
    In the following year, during the reign of the great princes of different Kiev is becoming more and more forms, expanding its borders and enhancing the splendor. In 988, the year of the baptism of Rus Prince Vladimir of Kiev ordered to build the first temple - the Church of the Tithes, which was built in 989-996 years.
    Later, a great contribution to the creation and cultivation of the city introduced Yaroslav the Wise, during whose reign was created about 400 churches built St. Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gate, opened the first in Kievan Rus library, founded in 1051 by the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, built in 1133 Temple Virgin Pirogoshcha. All these constructions Kiev allowed becoming one of the largest centers of civilization in the Christian world.
    But during the reign of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky has been weakened in Kiev and the city was captured and sacked by the troops Bogolyubsky in 1169. After that Kiev has ceased to be the center and the capital of Kievan Rus, giving the place the city of Vladimir.

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    Yana Oliinyk

    История Киева-это многовековой пласт исторических фактов и событий.Знакомиться с городом и познавать эти факты -это очень увлекательное занятие

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