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    Dorohozhychi historical district. Route #10

    Dorohozhychi historical district. Route #10

    We offer to walk around one of the former Kiev suburbs - the historic district Dorohozhychi. During Kievan Rus period northern roads from Vyshgorod, Chernigov, Novgorod and Smolensk to Kiev crossed here. Besides according to a legend, a hero Iliya Muromets fought with Gorynych Dragon just here.
    Let’s start walking from "Dorohozhychi" metro station. From here we immediately come to Babiy Yar - perhaps the most tragic place of our city. Hardly anywhere else there is so much spilled blood and the abundance of graves. The first thing you will see on the way to the ravine - a sculpture of a little girl. It is a monument of children had being murdered here during the years 1941-1943. In the depths of the memorial park there is the so-called Menorah - a monument to the killed Jews. There are many more monuments there. Devoted to various sad events, they prove the tragic history of this area.
    We continue our walk and go to visit St. Kirill's Church, one of the few survived architectural landmarks of the XII century, now having the status of a museum. Address: O. Telihy street, 12. Its title contains the name of one of the Rus educators - Kirill, who, together with Methodius brought us alphabet from Byzantium. The temple built on the territory of the country residence of a prince dynasty, was a family tomb of Olehovichi. Here Svyatoslav, a hero of "Slovo o polku Igoreve ", was buried. A monastery was located here until 1770. After the monastery was abolished, first s hospital, than a nursing home, and finally a hospice for mental patients were founded within these walls. The building acquired current baroque forms after the reconstruction of the XVIII century. In the 1860s the original frescoes of XII century were discovered and restored inside.
    By the way, the happy owners of Kiev City Card are entitled to free admission of the museum of St. Kirill's Church.

    Source: City Card
    Author: Янина К.

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