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    For those who have already been to Kiev. Route #11

    For those who have already been to Kiev. Route #11

    If you are in Kiev not for the first time and think that have seen almost everything, we try to overpersuade you. Believe me, there are many places that can surprise you a lot.
    Arsenalna metro station is the deepest one in the world (over 100 meters), the so-called English type one. It was opened in 1960 among the first. The station itself is worth seeing, both because of its unusual design and thanks to the interior decor. Walls inside are made of marble and the bas-relief depicts a scene of revolt of the "Arsenal" workers in 1918.
    So, you came out of the ground part of the Arsenal station. We offer to turn behind the building and see the unknown object, even for local citizens - Nikolskie gate (mid of XIX century). Now they are not in the best condition, but at that time it was the only way out of Pechersk fortress into the city and vice versa. Moreover, it was the main entrance.
    Then let’s walk a few hundred meters along the modern Mazepa street, then turn left into Askold alley to get to the upper terrace above the Parkway street. From here stunning views of the former Ugrian tract opens. If you're lucky enough, you can see through the greenery the pavilion at Askold’s grave. It is here according to the Chronicle Kniaz Askold was killed. There a lot of famous people were buried here, later their tombs were transferred to the Baikovoe and Lukyanovskoe city cemeteries.
    Now we come to the Palace of children and teenagers, the former Pioneers’ Palace. Though the building is rather beautiful, but isn’t interesting from the architectural point of view. The object which stood on this place in 1695 is what is really important. Nikolskiy Military Cathedral was unfortunately destroyed by the communists in 1934. There is a stone in memory of the cathedral here.
    If you wish, you can walk to the Eternal Glory Park and Holodomor Museum. The beautiful panorama of the Left Bank of Kiev opens from there.

    Source: City Card
    Author: Янина К.

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