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    Kiev and prominent figures. Tour №5

    Kiev and prominent figures. Tour №5

    You should start with Museum of Outstanding Figures of the Ukrainian Culture (97 Saksahanskoho St.). Full range of personalities is presented by Lesya Ukrainianka , Mykola Lysenko , Panas Saksahansky , Mikhailo Staritskyj. There are several houses of famous Ukrainians of XIX century situated on Saksahanskoho Street. The main materials presented in these houses are archive documents, personal things etc.

    The next stop may be the Historical and Memorial Museum of Mykhailo Hrushevsky (9 Panksvskaya St). Of course, this historian is known in wide circles not only in Ukraine but also abroad. His figure is noteworthy because of his social position. He played an important role in the fate of Ukraine. Also he created a lot of scientific works. The exposition is presented in personal building of Mykhailo Hrushevsky. There are many things that illustrate a family tradition and open personality of the historian.

    Following the best traditions of comfortable atmosphere of Ukrainian leaders’ homes you can go to restaurant of traditional Ukrainian cuisine "Rushnychok" (25-a Pushkinska St.). The menu offers authentic dishes from different parts of the country. Moreover, traditional atmosphere will help you to memorize the best sides of Ukrainian nation.

    Continuing the journey connected with prominent Ukrainians you can visit Literary and Memorial Museum of Pavlo Tychyna (5 Tereshchenska St., ap 1,3). The museum dedicated to the life and works of the famous writer. There are the artist's personal things, which characterize his individuality. One more thing why this museum is worth visiting is a huge library of the poet. It counts nearly 20 thousand books.

    You can settle near the museums in Premier Palace Hotel (29 Pushkinskaya St.). It is 5 stars hotel, so guests can expect a pleasant atmosphere and European comfort. High quality of service and good staff make your vacation the most relaxing. Premier Palace Hotel offers a hearty breakfast. Moreover, you can choose between Mediterranean, European, Ukrainian and Asian cuisine. Also you have a chance to eat in a number of restaurants to enjoy features of dishes separately.

    If you still wish to explore the streets of the capital, after a walk you could have dinner in the restaurant Antwerpen (38 Pushkinska St.). The interior in style of old-world Europe and collection of miniatures of old transport of XVII-XIX centuries are presented here. Restaurant can be called a museum, because there are collected authentic sculptures, paintings by Flemish, French and German masters. Different rooms take you back to different eras, so you can choose the most close to you. By the way, the chef offers guests dishes from Belgium, Austrian, French and European cuisine. So you can enjoy the meal and have a rest. 

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