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    Quick walk trough Kiev. Route # 6

    Quick walk trough Kiev. Route # 6

    If you lack of time and still want to see Kiev we recommend a short but very beautiful route.
    Let’s start with one of the unique Kiev attractions - the funicular railway. On May 7, 2015 its anniversary was celebrated- 110 years! Mikhailovsky mechanical lifting (originally called like that) of 184 meters long was launched in 1905. Nowadays the funicular will quickly carry you through 222 meters from the Postal Square to Vladimir’s Hill. Spectacular views of the Dnipro and the River station, as well as the green terraces of the park (during the warm season) are opened from the funicular cabin. To see this beauty you need to take place by the window in the last cable car.
    Three minutes later you are already at Vladimir's Hill which was namedlike this notsince its foundation. Until the construction of the sculpture of Vladimir in 1853 and founding the city park in 1940 thisarea wasknown underits historic name- St. Michael Hill in honor of the monastery founded there in 1108. A curious fact: the local park was the first free of charge and available to citizens walking place. A majestic monument of the Baptist of Kiev Rus- Kniaz Vladimir is one of the main symbols of contemporary Kiev.
    The next object in your way will be the famous St. Michael's Cathedral. It was erected byKniazSviatopolk,a grandson of Vladimir, conceivably on the territory of the mysterious Dmitrievsky Monastery, which is still being looking for by archeologists and treasure hunters. Several times reconstructed and even completely destroyed in the 30s of XX century, today it delights the eyewith its golden domesagain. In its current exterior the cathedral was rebuilt in 1997-1998.Now it is one of the main temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate. You should not only stroll around the territory, but also go inside to admire the beautiful murals and mosaics, some of them have been retained in the original from the XII century.

    Source: City Card
    Author: Янина К.

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