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    Walk along Kostyolna str. Route#7

    Walk along Kostyolna str. Route#7

    Let’s go for a briefwalkto one of the shortest and most interesting streets of Kiev – Kostiolna. Being just 270 meters longit concentratesa lot of unique buildings reflecting five historical epochs.
    The street starts fr om Independence Square, so it’s convenient to begin with a remarkable object - Liadskiye Gate. In fact, the building which you can see in the square has nothing common with the original, as the actual image was not found, and the style is very far from the Old Rus one. But let’s assume that it is a symbolic designation of the place wh ere a horde of Batu Khan broke through the  citydefense in the winter of 1240.
    Kostiolnastreetis known from the 1830s. It was started together with the construction of the Alexander’s Church, in honorof which it was originally named. Street changedits name only once: from 1934 till 1991 it was called in honor of the famous heroic arctic explorers from the ship "Chelyuskin" – Chelyuskintsevstreet.
    The street is known because of a lot of famous Ukrainianslived in it. For example, at building #8  there is a memorial plaque dedicated to Igor Shamo, the author of music of the Kievanthem"How not to love you, my Kiev". The building was constructed in the pre-revolutionary 1910 year in style of neoclassicism. House #9 was built approximately at the same time, but it looks quite different, successfully combining the eclectic with elements of historicism. Sergei Korolev, the future aircraftdesigner, whose engineering solutions allowed Yuriy Gagarin to go into space,lived in one of its apartment.
    You should also pay attention to such buildings:
    - house  # 7, adorned with sculptures and mascarons from Greek mythology, made by FedorSokolov;
    - house # 15 - it was a "House of Scientists", a huge number of great people (different scientists, writers, doctors)lived there, it’s known that many discoveries were made during the conversations in the stairwells of this house;
    - house# 17 – Alexander’s Church itself, you can read about it in details on our website.

    Source: City Card
    Author: Янина К.

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