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    Rybalsky ostrov. Route #9

    Rybalsky ostrov. Route #9

    There are many fans of industrial landscapes. For these urbanists we offer a non-standard route to Rybalskyi Island.
    Actually Rybalskyiis not an island but a peninsula; it is not surrounded by water all around. As for the name, it is a historical one - the Island. Up to 2009 RybalskyiIsland could be reached through cable-stayed bridge, but it was closed for vehicles and pedestrians due to its crash condition. It is noteworthy that it was one of the world's first cable-stayed bridges made of reinforced concrete. HarborBridgealong which we propose you to walk was opened in 2007 and has been used successfully tillnowadays. Don’t be quick to pass the bridge. Stunning scenery opens fr om this place: churches and parks of the right bank and the neighboring Truhanov Island, as well asviews of the bay.
    The object thatattracts attention for sureisthe unfinished construction ofPodolskyBridge. This is a huge frame of iron, sometimes of reinforced concrete, looked like a skeleton of a prehistoric animal. As a result of completion of construction in 2020 a big road junction with several bridges, flyovers and metro line should rise here. 

    In fact the main peninsula landmark is the "Lenin’sforge"shipyard - enterpriseknown since the middle of the XIX century as amachine-building one.But the development of river shipping in 1928 caused it was re-qualified. Ships for both wars were built here, and even in the early 90s of the XX century more than 10 types of vessels were designed and floated here. Today the plant hardly works.
    Not far from the shipyard there is a small park, wh ere there are two remarkable attractions. Monument to the sailors of the Dnieper fleet was moved here from the Postal Square in 2012. The monument to the crew of the monitor "Zheleznyakov" built here, in this shipyard. Having been in the river battles on the Danube and the Don, in the Black and Azov seas, having passed many thousands of kilometers across the Southern Bug and the Kuban, the monitor came backhome. The idea to create a museum of the Dnieper fleetinside the ship has been not implemented yet.

    Source: City Card
    Author: Янина К.

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