Tour: Alex Art House Gallery - Independence Square

Tour: Alex Art House Gallery - Independence Square

Kontraktova Square (subway station Kontraktova Ploscha) is one of the oldest parts of Kyiv. It dates back to the times of Kyivan Rus’. Citizens called this part Podil (hem) because of the location on down hills.

Alex Art House Gallery

You can start sightseeing from the cultural centre Alex Art House Gallery (Coffee House “The Art of Coffee”) (25/12 Khoryva St.) Three expositions are presented in this cultural centre. Maps are the basing materials. On them you can see the territory adjacent to the city and changing of boundaries over time. Two maps are an unique representation of Ukraine in 1478 edition of Roman geographical work of Claudius Ptolemy. These maps belong to the earliest examples of engraving on copper, and are among the first in the history of printed maps. In addition, guests are offered to see samples of painting, iconography and typography. After the first tour you can have a cup of coffee in the gallery Coffee House" The Art of Coffee ". You'll have a chance to relax and plan further walk.


Walking the streets of the old Podil, you will pass by The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which is the oldest institution of higher education in Ukraine. Then you will see the church of the Virgin Pirogoshchaya, the Contracts House, old Fountain of Samson.

Michail Bulgakov’s Literary and Memorial Museum

You sloud pay attention to Michail Bulgakov’s Literary and Memorial Museum (13 Andriivsky Uzviz). Michail Bulgakov was born in Kiev. The exposition of the museum is built on the basis of the combination of two worlds: the biographical and literary. Visitors are offered to see a variety of Bulgakov's family items. The literary part is based on the novel "The White Guard ". The authors of the exhibition tried to activate associative thinking of guests who are generally familiar with the work of the writer.


Then you can attend the restaurant of French dishes Svitlitsya (13-b Andriivsky Uzviz). Delicious pancakes, cream soups, hot dishes, and variety wine list will help you rest and recuperate before further journey.

St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church is one of the most charming churches in Kyiv because of its emerald dome. This building stands on the highest point of the hill, so every guest should definitely take a look at it up close. In addition, the film adaptation of the play by Michael Staritskiy "Chasing Two Hares" is connected with this place. Near the church you will see thy monument of Prone Prokopovna and Golokhvastov.


Those who are fond of these characters should visit the restaurant Za dvoma Zaitsami (34 Andriivsky Uzviz). This restaurant is famous not only in Ukraine and Russia but also in Europe. Pleasant interior, qualified staff will make your rest the most comfortable.

Independence Square

Dream house hostel (2-d Andriivsky Uzviz) offers visitors comfortable accommodation and the necessary conditions for living. Visitors can have a meal in stylish cafe "Friends" which serves European cuisine. In addition, guests can prepare their own meals in the shared kitchen. Moreover, after the rest tourists can reach the country's main square - Maidan Nezalezhnosti in 20 minute walk. The administration of the hostel also arrange night trip to Kyiv, walking tours, movie nights and other events, so further travel program will ensure the best.