Tour: The Museum of the sixties - the National Science and Natural History Museum

Tour: The Museum of the sixties - the National Science and Natural History Museum

If you want to imagine the old state of Yaroslav the Wise Kievan Rus, you should visit the main defensive structure of his city - Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota subway station) (40-a Volodymyrska St.). It was the main entrance to Kyiv in XI century. So foreigners saw the Golden Gate from the very begining. It is a museum now. In front of the Gate you can see the monument to Yaroslav the Wise, who was a prominent ancient Rus' princes and diplomats.

Sixties Dissident Movement Museum

Next stop will take you to the times, showing a completely different era in the history of Ukraine. 60 years of the XX century is known to anyone who is familiar with the history of Ukraine as a period of persecution of the cultural elite. The Ukrainian Sixties Dissident Movement Museum (33-a Honchara St.) was founded by former political prisoner, a victim of Soviet. The exhibition consists of documents, creative achievements, personal things of dissidents. These items prove the plight of intellectuals. You can take a tour, accompanied by a contemporary of the events.


You can relax after a tour in the panoramic restaurant Matisse (56-a B. Khmelnytskoho St.). It is located on the 15th floor of City Hotel (56 B. Khmelnytskoho St). You will be able to look at historical Kyiv from bird's-eye view. The staff of the restaurant offers you a new kind of service, which is known in Europe and America as Community Chef. In addition, for your convenience, you can settle in modern and comfortable rooms of this hotel.

Museum of the History of Kyiv

If you wish to continue your cultural journey, you can visit the Museum of the History of Kyiv (7 B. Khmelnytskoho St). You will discover more about the past of the city, the history of its founding and development, details of territorial expansion and creation of new districts. In addition, you will see some features of household items of Kiev. Paintings, icons, books, etc are also presented here.


National Museum of Natural History

You can visit the National Museum of Natural History (15 B. Khmelnytskoho St.). 30 thousand different exhibits are presented there. They show the history of the plant and animal life on Earth, the planet's geological evolution, as well as tangible evidence of the culture of the peoples inhabiting the territory of Ukraine.


You can have a dinner in a luxurious restaurant Lun Van (26 B. Khmelnytskoho St). You will move to the Imperial Palace of China from the Yaroslav's ancient state. Chef Su Yunsuan offers you a variety of Chinese dishes. Experts say that Peking Duck and shrimp Dasya are the most delicious here.

Opera House

 Do not lose the chance to see the construction of the Opera House in Kyiv city night lights. You can also rent a comfortable room at the Opera hotel (53 B. Khmelnytskoho St). Its building is located next to the Opera House. The hotel is situated very close to Saint Sophia's Cathedral and Saint Volodymyr's Cathedral. So you can continue your excursion into the past next day in another part of the old Kyiv.