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    Tour: Park of Eternal Glory - Cultural Heritage Museum of Ukraine

    Tour: Park of Eternal Glory - Cultural Heritage Museum of Ukraine

    Park of Eternal Glory

    You can start your small trip from the Park of Eternal Glory. You would have an opportunity to see a great part of the city near the memorial. The picture of the city is shown in that district in the best way.
    You can walk to the National Museum “The Memorial in Commemoration of Famines’ Victims in Ukraine ” along the terrace near the Dnieper River.  The entrance to the Museum is designed with plates. On them you can see sayings of famous people which illustrate the ratio of power to the people in 1930s. The memorial "Candle Flame" is a symbol of eternal mourning of Ukrainian people.


    You can enjoy the scenery and relax in arbors on the terraces in park.

    Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

    The next stop for tourist can become a Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. You would have an opportunity to visit the Museum of Treasures of Ukraine on the territory of the monastery. There is always a unique exposition presented. In addition you can order a theatrical tour to enhance the impression.


    You would also have an opportunity to visit a comfortable restaurant Karavan (10 Klovskyi uzviz) to have a rest. If you change the atmosphere you will better assimilate the previous information. Besides, you would have a chance to depart away from history and see the daily life of Kiev while going to the restaurant. In the restaurant you would move on East. A lot of dishes from Uzbek, Caucasian, Moroccan cuisine are offered there.

    Heritage Museum

    If you still have the power and inspiration you would have an opportunity to visit the Heritage Museum (40-b Moskovska St.). The testimony about prominent Ukrainian choirmasters, writers, poets, choreographers and musicians are presented on the exhibition there. You are again would confronted with the facts of oppression and repression within a cultural area of the country.


    You can also take a night walk and compare panorama of the city at different times of day.
    If you like night life you should visit Shooters Cafe é (22Moskovska St.). Delicious cuisine from all over the world ( Italian, French, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, and of course, Ukrainian) is presented there. Loud music and nice atmosphere would impress you too.
    You can settle near the Arsenal area and take a room in President Hotel (12 Hospitalna St.). You can relax there and think of all the information you’ve got. One more proposition is the hotel Rus (4 Hospitalna St). Modern style and comfortable accommodation are offered in this place. Both hotels are located near the main street of the capital – Khreschatyk. So the next day you would be able to continue the tour in another part of town or explore Arsenal square better.


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