Kiev Center. Interesting Places. Tour №4

Kiev Center. Interesting Places. Tour №4

Everyone who comes to Kyiv always tries to visit the main street of the city Khreschatyk. Maidan Nezalezhnosti is also located there. The most significant events in the history of the inhabitants and the loudest celebration are take place there.

Museum of Ukrainian Revolution and Maidan Nezalezhnosti

You can start your small trip from the Museum of Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1920 (57 Volodymyrska St.) The exposition take place in Building of Pedagogical Museum. There are a large number of documents of time of the UPR WUPR Ukrainian State Directorate UPR , UPR first and second winter hiking. IV Universal Central Council is the main exhibit of the museum. It was declared a full state independence.
After the tour you can enjoy the atmosphere of XIX century in Belgium. Beer-cafe «Le Cosmopolite» (47 Volodymyrska St.) will shift to a favorable atmosphere of authentic Belgian restaurant. Various Beer and delicious dishes that combine the best of beverages offered here.
Bontiak Hotel (5/24 Iriniska St., block “B”) is one of the most suitable accommodation for tourists in this part of town. The administration of the hotel offers you modern rooms, wireless network, free breakfast etc. Saint Sophia’s Cathedral (24 Volodymyrska St.) is located very close to the hotel. Yaroslav the Wise proud of this church. You will have an opportunity to see in your own eyes firsthand frescoes and mosaics of XI, XV and XVII centuries. Guests have the opportunity to look at the layout of the famous city of the Prince, which is represented in the Cathedral. Furthermore, in a quiet courtyard, you can just relax, read a book, or sit on the lawns.
The next stop will be the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti). Stella famous monument of the city founders Kiy, Schek, Horeb and their sister Lybed, St. Michael the Archangel are take place there.
To have lunch, or chat with friends over a cup of coffee, you can at the restaurant 2 Gusya (7/ 11 Khreschatyk St.). The restaurant was founded in 1998 and delights visitors a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Kitchen is periodically updated. The administration is trying to adapt dishes to regional features. So tourists can also learn more about the preferences of local population.
You can also visit the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko (12 T. Shevchenko Blv.). You will see a lot of examples of works of the artist, his poetry and paintings. The exposition is presented in building which was Property Tereschenko’s family (famous patrons and collectors of fine art of the late nineteenth century. Of course, the potential of the city at this point is not exhausted. So tourists have the opportunity to continue their journey through the city streets.



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