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    St. Alexander Cathedral

    St. Alexander Cathedral

    Kiev is the city of many faiths and nationalities. Therefore it’s common that there are several Catholic religious buildings here. One of them is the Church of St. Alexander. The Cathedral is situated along Kostelnaya street, #17, at the corner with Trekhsviatileskaya street.
    It is well known that Catholics lived in this area since the period of Kievan Rus, and at the beginning of the XX century there were more than 40000 Catholics here. At that time a vast community of Roman Catholics decided to build a stone church instead of a few wooden churchesburnt in numerous urban fires. A building permit and the land for it were obtained with the assistance of famous Count Pototsky, whosubmitted a petition to the Emperor Alexander I. But construction was delayed due to lack of funds as well as because of the special land placing, which had to be strengthen considering the constant displacement.  As a result, it was finished and consecrate only in 1842.
    Unlike another famous Kiev Catholic church - Nikolayevskaya, built in Neo-Gothic style, St. Alexander Church was originally constructed in the classical style with all common elements: regular shapes, towers, columns, triangular portico over the entrance.
    The church has very dramatic history. Like many other religious constructions in the Soviet years the building was used for different purposes: a library, a hostel and even a planetarium were located here.
    Today St. Alexander Church is not only the oldest Catholic building in Kiev, but also has the status of the current Cathedral of Kyiv-Zhytomyr Catholic diocese.

    Source: City Card
    Author: Янина Кондратова

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