Botanical garden

Botanical garden

The unique nature of Ukraine charms with its unique and inimitable beauty.

The unique nature of Ukraine is fascinating and has its unique and inimitable beauty.

If your life paths intertwine with the amazing city of Kyiv, you should definitely visit the Botanical Garden of Kyiv, and get acquainted with its beautiful attractions. The enormity of the territory occupied by the Botanical garden is dotted with a great variety of collections of wildlife.

The main part of the botanical garden is considered decorative collection and exhibition site "Lilac Garden", filled with trees of this kind of different colors. Incredible flavors of colors that saturate the air during the flowering lilacs attract many visitors and tourists in the gardens.

Rare exposure of plants, Rosarium, beautiful cherry, lime avenues, squirrels that are freely jump from tree to tree, and much more that gives joy and attracts visitors to admire the Botanic Gardens in any season.

Unusual landscaped island of beauty and beautiful colors, relaxed atmosphere and bright colors of Kyiv in the territory of nearly 30 hectares.



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Анька Тиводар
Всем кто будет в Киеве, советую посетить Ботанический сад ул. Тимирязевская, 1. Обожаю гулять аллеями сада, тебя окружает великолепная природа, тишина и просто неповторимые пейзажи. Я уверена, что у всех кто побывает в Ботаническом саду, останутся только положительные впечатления. Если вы не знаете, как добраться до Ботанического сада, не волнуйтесь это очень легко - метро Печерськ и садитесь на троллейбус №14 или автобус №62, конечная остановка.
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