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    St. Sophia Cathedral

    St. Sophia Cathedral

    St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv undoubtedly can be called the treasure of world architecture. The architecture of Kievan Rus' actually began with the construction of the majestic Cathedral of St. Sophia. This monument survived to present days. It shows visitors how architecture and wall paintings changed in various ages. Full range of reserve includes 77 cultural monuments.


    The most famous is St. Sophia Cathedral. There is a complex of buildings on the court of Cathedral. They illustrate how life could be localized in a small area in the XI century.
    Guides offer tourists explore the House of the Metropolitan, gates of Zaborovsky Gate and also church of Saint Sophia. Examples of architecture of different ages can be presented even with House of the Metropolitan. The main reason is that it was renewed and built on with new elements.
    The most prominent example of architecture and art of the ancient Kievan Rus’ is the St. Sophia Orthodox Church. Its greatness impresses any visitor. Frescoes of Kyiv Rus’ and mosaics of the monastery are amazing. Old masters were really talented as made such magnificent paintings of walls.


     Tourists will be able to look through centuries of history in the cathedral.
    Any tourist should visit St. Sophia Cathedral. Schedule for visitors is on website of City Card. You can get information about excursions calling to the museum.

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    Дуже сподобалось в Софії. Справді визначна пам’ятка, варта уваги. Єдине, що обурило – це реставраційні роботи… За цими неймовірними конструкціями геть нічого не видно… Всі мозайки позакривали…

    23 Мая 2014

    Сан Саныч

    Класно, что экскурсию проводят даже для нескольких туристов. Было прикольно свободно ходить по храму без толпы. Меня даже не ругали что я стены руками трогаю))))

    23 Мая 2014
    Личный кабинет
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