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    House with Chimeras

    House with Chimeras

    One of the marvelous and mysterious sights of Kyiv is world-famous the House with Chimeras.

    In the street Bankovskaya a few meters from the Presidenti Administration is wonderful and mysterious at the same time building the House with Chimeras, which attracts to its walls and is an interesting subject for many tourists. Historic house built in 1902 in Art Nouveau style, and the house is "overgrown" with cement statues around the perimeter walls. It took sculptors another 2 years to décor it with chimeras. Architects invested all their imagination to create the perfect exterior and interior of the house, making them unique and not repeated. The facade of the house is decorated with figures of maidens sitting astride a fish that many of the tourists perceive as mermaids, crocodiles, elephants, lizards, running along the column and many other creatures that are made in the unreal size and majestic look at the famous home of Kyiv.

    After the reconstruction of the house in 2004, the President of Ukraine called House with Chimeras his Minor residence, and in the present moment in the walls of the house meets foreign delegations.

    At the moment, the House with Chimeras is best known in Kyiv.

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    Мария Черныш

    О, Дом с химерами! Это был один из пунктов нашей пешей прогулки по Киеву несколько лет назад. Хоть я и не самый большой поклонник архитектуры, но даже меня он впечатлил. И у меня складывается впечатление, что я в нём увидела не все элементы, поэтому страстно желаю снова попасть и полюбоваться на него.

    11 Февраля 2015
    Личный кабинет
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