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    Samson fountain

    Samson fountain

    At Kontraktova square there is not very remarkable but rather popular among tourists pavilion with a clock on the pediments. This is the famous Samson fountain. Now we can see a copy of the monument restored in honor of the 1500 anniversary of Kiev.


    The sculpture stands on the place of the water reservoir of the Kievan Rus period. Water over wooden pipes was dripping fr om the Zamkovaya Hill and from Schekavitsa. It was used by residents of Podil for household needs and drinking. We remember that the way to the upper town was very difficult until the beginning of the XX century, and delivering of drinking water was even more complicated. This engineering marvel can be considered the prototype of modern plumbing. In times of Magdeburg law, when Kiev prospered, the first arbor was erected over the source and it was a little better arranged. Water was flowing from the cup holding by an angel and St. Andrew crowned the top. Fountain acquired almost contemporary look in 1749 thanks to the famous Kiev architector Grigorovich-Barsky. Then Samson changed the angel and later the dome was decorated with a sundial by Brulon, a Frenchman who taught in Mogilyanka. And despite the fact that all this beauty was mistakenly taken down in 1934, the fountain was restored under sketches of the XVIII century.


    A lot of legends are associated with this place. It is considered that as long as there is water in the source under the fountain Kiev will flourish. Pilgrims also believed that the water from these sources is sacred. There was also a story that the springhead is mysteriously linked to the Jordan River, wh ere Jesus was baptized. But the most attractive for city visitors legend is that if you drink water from the fountain, you can stay in Kiev forever. Will you try?

    Source: City Card
    Author: Янина К.

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    Лерик Бла-Бланова

    Уже пол-года живу в Киеве, а фонтана этого так и не видела... А сколько еще таких мест, которые надо обязательно посмотреть здесь в Киеве! Не то что года, жизни не хватит!!!

    17 Июня 2015
    Личный кабинет
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