Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

 Kiev has been theMecca for Orthodox pilgrimsfor a long time. Kiev has been theMecca for Orthodox pilgrimsfor a long time. People flocked from all over to venerate the relics of saints and pray in the walls of one of the oldest monasteries in Europe. The official date of foundation of Kiev-Pechersk Lavrais 1051, as Primary Chroniclesays. But the place was prayed long before the first stone of the church was laid.Hermit monks settled in the cells dug out bythemselves on the high bank of the Dnieper. Numerous raids of nomads, wars, persecutions of the Soviet authorities failed to destroy the monastery, which rose after regular destructions and was rebuilt again and again.


 This place is really unusual. It is considered that the monks choose a particular place for their prayersnot by chance, but God sends them. First Christians came to pray on this hill before Kievan Rus was baptized officially. And since the XI century Illarion started such a tradition, which was continued by Antoniy and his disciple Theodosiy. And since then, Kiev-PecherskLavrawonders never cease to amaze not only believers but also the public around the world. Among these extraordinary phenomena are: headsof dead saintsexudingchrism, delicious monasterypastries, and even the history of a successful marriage, not to mention the legend of the mysterious treasures not found until now. Monks arewell known for theircompetencein different fields. First scholarsappearedamong the monks. For example, Agapit was the first physician. Without hard work of Nestor the Chroniclerwe would not know the ancient history of our state. Alipiywas a talented painter, who paintedseveral the oldest Kiev temples.


 Now Kiev-PecherskLavra is a huge complex.Its ground part, the so-called Upper Lavra, has the status of conservancy area. But a really sacred place are caves from which monastery started - the Lower Lavra. When the monks came out from caves and moved to the temples and cells on the top, the cavesbecame a place of burial. At the moment, numerous tombs with relics of saintsare stored there. Their worship brings the magic healing to those who suffer. It’s impossible to explain this phenomenon even today. But a visit to Kiev-PecherskLavrais Kyiv “must have”.


Author: Янина К.