St. Michael Golden-Domed Monastery

St. Michael Golden-Domed Monastery

One of the oldest monasteries in Kyiv

St. Michael's is one of the oldest monasteries of Kiev. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see its beautiful architecture, ancient frescoes and mosaics. If you go up to the bell tower of St. Michael's Cathedral, you can enjoy the views that opens to St. Sophia's Square and Saint Sophia Cathedral.

The temple is dedicated to archangel Michael, who is considered to be saint patron of Kiev and prince Sviatopolk ordered a gild top as gratitude. Since then, it has been known as "Michael's" and most historians believe that it was the first St. Michael's monastery in Ukraine and Russia, decorated with gold leaf, not only inside but also outside. Then a new tradition starts - decorating gilded domes of churches, monasteries and cathedrals.



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