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    National Cultural-Art

    National Cultural-Art

    The night of mysteries took place on the National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" in May the 17th. This event has become an example how International Museum Day celebrated in Ukrainian cultural centers.

    In the good tradition of the Cultural-Art center the program of the evening was very rich and diverse. Art complex was working till 5 pm and closed doors to guests only after midnight.

    British playwright William Shakespeare had become a central figure of the thematic content of the exhibition in "Mystetskyi Arsenal". The program of events of the night was associated with his prominent person. The audience also acquainted with the history of Mystetskyi Arsenal’s formation that we see today in the excibition Evolution of a Dream: the New Old Arsenal”.

    Visitors had a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the times of Shakespeare thank to music vocal ensemble Alter Ratio.

    During the night Ukrainian director presented the silent film "Othello". It was the first feature-length adaptation of the tragedy by William Shakespeare.

    Time passed and actions became more interesting. The visitors also watched a piece of performance based on a play "The Tempest" performed by actors of Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre. Visitor of the night of mysteries had the opportunity to be in first row of seats in the theater. Notably, the game was unique as the audience had to literally walk for actions and plot developments.

    One of the most memorable events of the night was a performance by a famous Ukrainian author of satirical plays Les Poderev'jans'kyj. He read Hamlet and several other his edits. Those who waited his reading got a bunch of pleasant experiences and explosion of emotions.

    The night of mysteries showed how diverse activities arranged at the National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal". If you have a chance to go there visit this place.

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    Total 2 reviews

    Наталія Л.

    Вистава розкіршна. Такий формат дав фору навіть квиткам першого ряду.

    23 Мая 2014

    Сан Саныч

    Подеревьянский жжет!!!

    23 Мая 2014
    Личный кабинет
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